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Evaluation of anticancer agents using patient-derived tumor organoids characteristically similar to source tissues
Tamura, H;Higa, A;Hoshi, H;Hiyama, G;Takahashi, N;Ryufuku, M;Morisawa, G;Yanagisawa, Y;Ito, E;Imai, JI;Dobashi, Y;Katahira, K;Soeda, S;Watanabe, T;Fujimori, K;Watanabe, S;Takagi, M;
Oncol. Rep., Oncol. Rep. 40(2):635-646, 2018
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Topical Application of a Dual ABC Transporter Substrate and NF-B Inhibitor Blocks Multiple Sources of Cutaneous Inflammation in Mouse Skin
Li, L;Cataisson, C;Flowers, B;Fraser, E;Sanchez, V;Day, CP;Yuspa, SH;
J. Invest. Dermatol., J. Invest. Dermatol. ():, 2019
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