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A pre-existing rare PIK3CAE545K subpopulation confers clinical resistance to MEK plus CDK4/6 inhibition in NRAS melanoma and is dependent on S6K1 signaling
Romano, G;Chen, PL;Song, P;McQuade, JL;Liang, RJ;Liu, M;Roh, W;Duose, DY;Carapeto, FC;Li, J;Teh, JL;Aplin, AE;Chen, M;Zhang, J;Lazar, AJ;Davies, MA;Futreal, PA;Amaria, RN;Zhang, DY;Wargo, JA;Kwong, LN;
Cancer Discov, Cancer Discov, ():, 2018
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miR-182 integrates apoptosis, growth, and differentiation programs in glioblastoma
Fotini M. Kouri,Lisa A. Hurley, Weston L. Daniel, Emily S. Day,Youjia Hua, Liangliang Hao, Chian-Yu Peng, Timothy J. Merkel, Markus A. Queisser, Carissa Ritner, Hailei Zhang, C. David James, Jacob I. Sznajder, Lynda Chin, David A. Giljohann, John A. Kessler, Marcus E. Peter, Chad A. Mirkin and Alexander H. Stegh
Genes & Development, 29(7):732-45, 2015
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Interleukin-6/STAT3 pathway signaling drives an inflammatory phenotype in Group A ependymoma
Griesinger, AM, Josephson, RJ, Donson, AM, Mulcahy Levy, JM, Amani, V, Birks, DK, Hoffman, LM, Furtek, SL, Reigan, P, Handler, MH, Vibhakar, R, Foreman, NK,
Cancer Immunol Res, [Epub ahead of print], 2015
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Neuroprotective effects of apigenin against inflammation, neuronal excitability and apoptosis in an induced pluripotent stem cell model of Alzheimer's disease
Balez, R;Steiner, N;Engel, M;Mu_oz, SS;Lum, JS;Wu, Y;Wang, D;Vallotton, P;Sachdev, P;O'Connor, M;Sidhu, K;Mnch, G;Ooi, L;
Sci Rep, Sci Rep. 2016; 6: 31450., 2016
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Monocytes Differentiate to Immune Suppressive Precursors of Metastasis-Associated Macrophages in Mouse Models of Metastatic Breast Cancer
Kitamura, T;Doughty-Shenton, D;Cassetta, L;Fragkogianni, S;Brownlie, D;Kato, Y;Carragher, N;Pollard, J;
Front. Immunol., Front. Immunol., 8():, 2018
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Autophagy Inhibition Mediates Apoptosis Sensitization in Cancer Therapy by Relieving FOXO3a Turnover
Fitzwalter, BE;Towers, CG;Sullivan, KD;Andrysik, Z;Hoh, M;Ludwig, M;O'Prey, J;Ryan, KM;Espinosa, JM;Morgan, MJ;Thorburn, A;
Dev. Cell, Dev. Cell, 44(5):555-565.e3, 2019
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Effect of Lead on Human Middle Ear Epithelial Cells
Kim, SH;Shin, SH;Go, YY;Chae, SW;Song, JJ;
Biomed Res Int, Biomed Res Int, 2018():5058729, 2019
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Overcoming resistance to HER2 inhibitors through state-specific kinase binding
Novotny, CJ;Pollari, S;Park, JH;Lemmon, MA;Shen, W;Shokat, KM;
Nat. Chem. Biol., Nature Chemical Biology, 12, 923930, 2016, 2016
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FLASH protects ZEB1 from degradation and supports cancer cells' epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition
Abshire, CF;Carroll, JL;Dragoi, AM;
Oncogenesis, Oncogenesis(2016)5, e254, 2016
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Acetylsalicylic acid inhibits the growth of melanoma tumors via SOX2-dependent-PAF-R-independent signaling pathway
Thyagarajan, A;Saylae, J;Sahu, RP;
Oncotarget, Oncotarget, 8(30):49959-49972, 2017
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