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RAC3 is a pro-migratory co-activator of ERα
Walker MP, Zhang M, Le TP, Wu P, Lainé M, Greene GL
Oncogene, 30(17):1984–94, 2011
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Identification of selective inhibitors of RET and comparison with current clinical candidates through development and validation of a robust screening cascade
Watson, AJ;Hopkins, GV;Hitchin, S;Begum, H;Jones, S;Jordan, A;Holt, S;March, HN;Newton, R;Small, H;Stowell, A;Waddell, ID;Waszkowycz, B;Ogilvie, DJ;
F1000Res, F1000Res. 2016; 5: 1005., 2016
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Mouse cytomegalovirus M36 and M45 death suppressors cooperate to prevent inflammation resulting from antiviral programmed cell death pathways
Daley-Bauer, LP;Roback, L;Crosby, LN;McCormick, AL;Feng, Y;Kaiser, WJ;Mocarski, ES;
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A, 114(13):E2786-E2795, 2017
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Gordon, M;Chauvin, A;Boisvert, F;MacNaughton, W;
Journal of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology, Journal of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology, 1(suppl_2):142-142, 2018
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EpCAM-Regulated Transcription Exerts Influences on Nanomechanical Properties of Endometrial Cancer Cells that Promote Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition
Hsu, YT;Osmulski, P;Wang, Y;Huang, YW;Liu, L;Ruan, J;Jin, VX;Kirma, NB;Gaczynska, ME;Huang, TH;
Cancer Res., Cancer Res.2016 Nov 1;76(21):6171-6182, 2016
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Functional Annotation of ESR1 Gene Fusions in Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer
Lei, JT;Shao, J;Zhang, J;Iglesia, M;Chan, DW;Cao, J;Anurag, M;Singh, P;He, X;Kosaka, Y;Matsunuma, R;Crowder, R;Hoog, J;Phommaly, C;Goncalves, R;Ramalho, S;Peres, RMR;Punturi, N;Schmidt, C;Bartram, A;Jou, E;Devarakonda, V;Holloway, KR;Lai, WV;Hampton, O;Rogers, A;Tobias, E;Parikh, PA;Davies, SR;Li, S;Ma, CX;Suman, VJ;Hunt, KK;Watson, MA;Hoadley, KA;Thompson, EA;Chen, X;Kavuri, SM;Creighton, CJ;Maher, CA;Perou, CM;Haricharan, S;Ellis, MJ;
Cell Rep, Cell Rep, 24(6):1434-1444.e7, 2018
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Monitoring and Targeting Anti-VEGF Induced Hypoxia within the Viable Tumor by (19)F-MRI and Multispectral Analysis
Shi, Y;Oeh, J;Hitz, A;Hedehus, M;Eastham-Anderson, J;Peale, FV;Hamilton, P;O'Brien, T;Sampath, D;Carano, RAD;
Neoplasia, Neoplasia, 19(11):950-959, 2018
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AZD1775 Induces Toxicity Through Double-Stranded DNA Breaks Independently of Chemotherapeutic Agents in p53-Mutated Colorectal Cancer Cells
Webster, PJ;Littlejohns, AT;Gaunt, HJ;Prasad, KR;Beech, DJ;Burke, DA;
Cell Cycle, Cell Cycle, ():0, 2017
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Demethylation of ITGAV accelerates osteogenic differentiation in a blast-induced heterotopic ossification in vitro cell culture model
Logan, NJ;Camman, M;Williams, G;Higgins, CA;
Bone, Bone, ():, 2018
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IFN-? stimulates CpG-induced IL-10 production in B cells via p38 and JNK signalling pathways
Imbrechts, M;De Samblancx, K;Fierens, K;Brisse, E;Vandenhaute, J;Mitera, T;Libert, C;Smets, I;Goris, A;Wouters, C;Matthys, P;
Eur. J. Immunol., Eur. J. Immunol., ():, 2018
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