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In vitro immunotherapy potency assays using real-time cell analysis
Cerignoli, F;Abassi, YA;Lamarche, BJ;Guenther, G;Santa Ana, D;Guimet, D;Zhang, W;Zhang, J;Xi, B;
PLoS ONE, PLoS ONE 13(3):e0193498, 2018
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phospho-ERK is a biomarker of response to a synthetic lethal drug combination of sorafenib and MEK inhibition in liver cancer
Wang, C;Jin, H;Gao, D;Lieftink, C;Evers, B;Jin, G;Xue, Z;Wang, L;Beijersbergen, RL;Qin, W;Bernards, R;
J. Hepatol., J. Hepatol. ():, 2018
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Flavonoid glycosides from Olax mannii: Structure elucidation and effect on the nuclear factor kappa B pathway
Okoye, FB;Richard Sawadogo, W;Sendker, J;Aly, AH;Bettina Quandt, W;Wray, V;Hensel, A;Esimone, CO;Debbab, A;Diederich, M;Proksch, P;
J Ethnopharmacol, J Ethnopharmacol ():, 2015
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Generation of bone marrow derived murine dendritic cells for use in 2-photon imaging
Matheu, MP;Sen, D;Cahalan, MD;Parker, I;
J Vis Exp, J Vis Exp (17):, 2008
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Outcomes with neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer: A tertiary care experience in Saudi Arabia
Chioni, A;Mahmood, HA;Ashiq, F;
European Journal of Surgical Oncology, European Journal of Surgical Oncology 43(11):2219-2220, 2017
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G Protein-Coupling of Adhesion GPCRs ADGRE2/EMR2 and ADGRE5/CD97, and Activation of G Protein Signalling by an Anti-EMR2 Antibody
Bhudia, N;Desai, S;King, N;Ancellin, N;Grillot, D;Barnes, AA;Dowell, SJ;
Sci Rep, Sci Rep 10(1):1004, 2020
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Type II RAF inhibitor causes superior ERK pathway suppression compared to type I RAF inhibitor in cells expressing different BRAF mutant types recurrently found in lung cancer
Noeparast, A;Giron, P;De Brakeleer, S;Eggermont, C;De Ridder, U;Teugels, E;De Grve, J;
Oncotarget, Oncotarget 9(22):16110-16123, 2018
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The Nuclear Receptor PPAR Controls Progressive Macrophage Polarization as a Ligand-Insensitive Epigenomic Ratchet of Transcriptional Memory
Daniel, B;Nagy, G;Czimmerer, Z;Horvath, A;Hammers, DW;Cuaranta-Monroy, I;Poliska, S;Tzerpos, P;Kolostyak, Z;Hays, TT;Patsalos, A;Houtman, R;Sauer, S;Francois-Deleuze, J;Rastinejad, F;Balint, BL;Sweeney, HL;Nagy, L;
Immunity, Immunity 49(4):615-626.e6, 2018
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Variability of the Phenotype and Proliferation and Migration Characteristics of Human Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Derived from the Deciduous Teeth Pulp of Different Donors
Vakhrushev, IV;Vdovin, AS;Strukova, LA;Yarygin, KN;
Bull. Exp. Biol. Med., Bull. Exp. Biol. Med. 160(4):525-9, 2016
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IRF2BP2 Modulates the Crosstalk between Glucocorticoid and TNF Signaling
Kaiser Manjur, ABM;Lempiinen, JK;Malinen, M;Palvimo, JJ;Niskanen, EA;
J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol., J. Steroid Biochem. Mol. Biol. ():105382, 2019
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