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Incucyte® Organoid Analysis Software Module (Cat. No. 9600-0034-A00)

The Incucyte® Organoid Analysis Software Module is used for real-time visualization and label-free quantification of organoid size, count and morphology in a physiologically relevant environment. Analyze the differentiation and maturation of organoids in Matrigel® domes by capturing brightfield images in 24- or 48-well plates. Module available for Incucyte® SX5, S3, SX1 Live-Cell Analysis Systems.

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The Incucyte® Organoid Analysis Software Module provides automated identification and analysis of organoids within Matrigel® domes over days, weeks or months.

Learn more about Incucyte®️ Organoid Culture QC Application

Using an established protocol and Incucyte® analysis tools you can define an optimal period for passaging or extension of cultures.  Gain greater insight to visualize changes of morphology to exemplify differences in organoid culture.

Organoid Analysis Software Fig1

Figure 1. Incucyte® Organoid Analysis Software Module is part of Incucyte’s end-to-end solution of a validated protocol and integrated image and analysis, enabling powerful analysis of complex biology for even first time users.

Software Features

Make informed decisions about organoid culture status with the Incucyte®️ Organoid Analysis Software Module, automating your organoid QC workflow to make data-driven decisions in real time

  • Automatically locate and analyze organoids within Matrigel® domes
  • Visualize differentiation and maturation of organoids in 24- or 48-well plates, up to 6 plates in parallel
  • Test and select culture conditions using label-free, quantitative data
  • Monitor all wells in your organoid culture plate continuously for days, weeks or months

Organoid Analysis Software Fig2

Figure 2. Process images of every well with user-friendly guided interface (A) and assess experimental conditions using Incucyte® vessel view (B). Integrated kinetic analysis shows powerful insight for the characterization of advanced cell models (C).

Characterize Organoid Cultures with Fully Integrated Kinetic Analysis

  • Evaluate growth conditions with kinetic analysis and multiple label-free metrics
  • Define analysis parameters and easily apply across all selected time points, wells and multiple experiments
  • Generate publication ready graphs, microplate graphs, and movies and to improve productivity, throughput and collaboration

Organoid Analysis Software Fig3

Figure 3. Derive meaningful data using validated protocol over multiple tissue samples and integrated analysis tools to visualize changes of morphology to exemplify differences in organoid culture.

IncuCyte® Software (v2019B)

The new IncuCyte® Software update (v2019B) is now available for IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems, providing highly requested features.

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