Incucyte® Neuronal Activity Analysis Software Module (Cat. No. 9600-0032)

Analyze the activity and connectivity of neuronal networks by capturing short-term kinetics over extended time periods while qualitatively monitoring cell morphology in each well of a 96-well plate. Module available for for Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems configured with Green/Orange/NIR or Orange/NIR optical module.

*Not available for ZOOM or FLR systems

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IncuCyte® S3 Neuronal Activity Analysis Software Module


The Incucyte® Neuronal Activity Analysis Software Module continuously interrogates changes in calcium dynamics for every active neuron within every well of a 96-well plate cell over time.

Learn More About the Incucyte® Neuronal Activity Assay

Longitudinal analysis and visualization of neuronal cell activity and connectivity is easily accomplished with purpose-built software tools and guided workflow.

Figure 1 - IncuCyte S3 Neuronal Activity Analysis Software Module

Figure 1. The Incucyte® Neuronal Activity Analysis Software Module is part of Incucyte’s end-to-end solution, enabling even first-time users to acquire and analyze activity and connectivity over weeks or months.

Software Features

Capture short-term dynamics

  • Utilize Incucyte® Stare mode acquisition for the capture of short-term, calcium-flux kinetics
  • Quantify burst rate of thousands of cells in every movie while qualitatively monitoring cell morphology

Video Neuronal Activity

Figure 2. Movie mode acquisition enables the capture of short-term dynamics of a neuronal specific genetically-encoded fluorescent calcium sensor (Incucyte® Neuroburst Orange Lentivirus).

Compare images, movies and metrics with ease

  • Easily view calcium range images of all wells in your experiment at once and play activity movies with a single right-click of each well
  • Assess a full set of relevant metrics at every time point

Figure 3 - Neuronal Activity Software

Figure 3. Assess experimental conditions using Incucyte® Vessel View (A) for every well of a 96-well plate. Process images of thousands of active neurons (B) with user-friendly guided interface. 96-well Summary Traces (C) of neuronal activity provide powerful insight into the activity of neurons at every time point.

Characterize long-term dynamic changes

  • Interrogate kinetic data by evaluating active object traces at each time point
  • Easily graph data to reveal longitudinal change

Figure 4 - Neuronal Activity Software

Figure 4. Active object traces (corner traces) provide detailed insight into the dynamic changes in neuronal activity and connectivity for every acquired movie. Kinetic graphs (center graph) of longitudinal, dynamic changes in neuronal activity are easily generated, enabling characterization of neuronal cell models as they mature over time.

Incucyte® S3 Software (v2018B)

The Incucyte® S3 Software update (V2018B) is now available for the Incucyte® S3 Live Cell Analysis System, providing metric normalization, new processing definitions from existing, and archive analysis.

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IncuCyte® rAstrocyte Cells (Cat. No. 4586)

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IncuCyte® NeuroBurst Orange Lentivirus—Synapsin Promoter for Spontaneous Neuronal Activity (Cat No. 4736)

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IncuCyte® rCortical Neurons (Cat. No. 4753)

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IncuCyte® NeuroActive Orange Cell and Reagent Kit (Cat. No. 4761)

A complete solution for performing kinetic, live-cell imaging of 96-well co-culture assays utilizing primary rat cortical neurons and astrocytes. Supplied as 1 vial (2 mL) IncuCyte® NeuroBurst Orange Lentiviral Reagent Cat. No. 4763) (synapsin promoter), 1 vial (2 x 10^6 cells) IncuCyte® rCortical Neurons (cryopreserved rat cortical neurons) (Cat. No. 4753), 1 vial (2 x 10^6 cells) IncuCyte® rAstrocytes (cryopreserved rat astrocytes) (Cat. No. 4586)

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Neurite Analysis

IncuCyte® Neurite Analysis Assays enable automated, continuous analysis of neurite outgrowth and neural network stability inside your cell culture incubator. Quantify neurite parameters (length, branching) kinetically in your choice of neurons (e.g. primary, iPSC-derived, immortalized neuronal cell lines) in monoculture or in co-culture with astrocytes.

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