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Incucyte® S3 Software (v2018B)

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The new Incucyte® S3 Software update (V2018B) is now available for the Incucyte® S3 Live Cell Analysis System, providing:

  • Metric normalization — reduce reliance on third-party software with new metric functionality. Create and graph custom metrics that are normalized to time point of choice or another metric; for example, normalize fluorescence intensity to phase area (confluence) or cell counts
  • Create new processing definition from existing — copy and edit an existing processing definition to streamline your workflow
  • Archive analysis — Save archives and process later

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Plus... NEW Cell-by-Cell Analysis Module

Considerable heterogeneity exists in even the simplest of cell systems. With the Incucyte S3 and Cell-by-Cell Analysis module, you can quantify the process and effects of cellular heterogeneity in real-time in living cells — inside your incubator. Visualize and measure the dynamic, phenotypic and morphological changes of cell subsets during activation or differentiation, or understand how cell subsets respond to treatments or stimuli using our unique and accessible approach to live-cell imaging and analysis.

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Easily perform label-free non-adherent cell counts and subsequent cell-by-cell classification using image-based analysis of:

The Incucyte S3 Live-Cell Analysis System, Cell-by-Cell Analysis software module and IncuCyte reagents provide a new, enabling, end-to-end solution for analyzing heterogeneous non-adherent cell cultures at 96-well throughput.

Cell by Cell Subpopulation Software Laptop

IncuCyte® S3 Neuronal Activity Analysis Software Module (Cat. No. 9600-0032)

Analyze the activity and connectivity of neuronal networks by capturing short-term kinetics over extended time periods while qualitatively monitoring cell morphology in each well of a 96-well plate. Module available for for Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems configured with Green/Orange/NIR or Orange/NIR optical module.

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Proliferation Assays

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