IncuCyte® Scratch Wound Cell Migration Software Module (Cat. No. 9600-0012)

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This software module allows users to automatically process 96-well IncuCyte® scratch wound assay images and to analyze cell migration and invasion without labels. The algorithm masks each phase-contrast image to identify the position of the wounded (cell-free) and unwounded (cell-occupied) zones. Wound width, wound confluence and relative wound density (RWD) metrics are returned, and visualized in time-course plots.

  1. Wound Width (μm) - the distance between wound boundaries over time
  2. Wound Confluence (%) - cell confluence within the wound region over time. Expressed as the percentage of the wound area occupied by cells.
  3. Relative Wound Density (%) - cell density in the wound area expressed relative to the cell density outside of the wound area over time. This metric normalizes for changes in cell density caused by proliferation and/or pharmacological effects.

IncuCyte ZOOM® HD phase contrast image at 14h post wounding of migrating HUVECs

IncuCyte ZOOM® HD phase contrast image at 14h post wounding of migrating HUVECs. The initial wound ‘mask’ generated with the analysis algorithm is overlaid (blue areas) and defines the wound boundaries at 0h. The wound mask at the 14h time point is shown in yellow.

IncuCyte® Cell Migration Kit (Cat No 4493)

Comprises everything you need to run fully kinetic and automated 96-well cell migration (scratch wound) assays on IncuCyte: 96-pin woundmaking tool (WoundMaker™), Cell Migration analysis software module (Cat No 9600-0012) and starter batch of 96-well ImageLock Plates

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IncuCyte® Cell Invasion Accessories (Cat No 4444)

Purchased in addition to the IncuCyte® Cell Migration Kit. Enables cell invasion experiments with 3D biomatrices such as Matrigel and Collagen.

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IncuCyte® ImageLock Plates

96-Well microtiter plates (Cat No 4379) microtiter plates enable precise, scan to scan repeat imaging of the same field of view.

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Cell Migration and Invasion in Scratch Wound Assays

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