IncuCyte® Angiogenesis Software Module (Cat No 9600-0011)

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This software module allows users to automatically process and quantify 96-well IncuCyte® kinetic angiogenesis experiments. Designed to work with our PrimeKit and StemKit endothelial cell/stromal cell co-culture models, the algorithm masks each fluorescent image to identify and measure the endothelial vascular networks over time. Network length, branch points, area and width uniformity metrics are returned and visualized in time-course plots.

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IncuCyte® fluorescent image segmentation of vascular tube

IncuCyte® fluorescent image segmentation of vascular tube formation in a PrimeKit HUVEC and human dermal fibroblast co-cultrue experiment. The image is a blend of the true fluorescent image (green) and the overlaid mask (white). The red lines illustrate the measured tubes.

DISCONTINUED — IncuCyte® Angiogenesis 96-well StemKit (Cat No 4507)

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IncuCyte® Angiogenesis 96-well PrimeKit (Cat No 4452)

Each Angiogenesis PrimeKit (Cryo) contains one cryopreserved vial of IncuCyte® GFP-Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (Cat No 4453 - GFP-HUVEC), one cryopreserved vial of Normal Human-Derived Fibroblasts (NHDF), one 96-well plate, and required seeding, outgrowth and assay media to complete the assay. Growth factor supplements to drive tube formation are purchased separately.

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Vascular Tube Formation

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