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IncuCyte® Cell-By-Cell Analysis Software Module (Cat. No. 9600-0031)

Perform label-free cell counts on adherent and non-adherent cells and subsequent cell-by-cell classification based on shape, size or fluorescence intensity to quantify dynamic changes in subpopulations within a mixed culture, opening a new world of discovery. Module available for IncuCyte® S3 only.



The IncuCyte® Cell-by-Cell Analysis Software Module enables a range of applications for mixed cultures of of adherent and non-adherent cells.

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Identification, classification, and analysis of subsets of cells is easily accomplished with a suite of purpose-built software tools and guided workflow.

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Software Features

Identify, count and classify cells

  • Novel image segmentation algorithm identifies individual, unlabeled, adherent and non-adherent cells in HD phase images
  • One- or two-parameter classification tools group cells into subsets using size, shape or fluorescence intensity

Cell by Cell Subpopulation Software Figure 1 - Identify, count and classify cells

Verify and graph changes in subsets over time

  • Visually verify classifications
  • Easily graph data to reveal trends and generate insight

Cell by Cell Subpopulation Software Figure 2 - Verify and graph changes in subsets over time

Improve productivity

  • Define parameters once, then re-use or adjust
  • Automatically analyze and classify cells from thousands of images with a few clicks

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IncuCyte® Software (v2019A)

The new IncuCyte® Software update (V2019A) is now available for the IncuCyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System to provide you with new features that have been highly requested by our users plus the ability to classify adherent cell populations with our Cell-by-Cell Analysis Software Module.

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Cell-by-Cell Analysis

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