NEW IncuCyte® NeuroPrime Cell Kit (Cat No 4585)

A complete solution for performing kinetic, live-cell imaging of 96-well co-culture assays utilizing primary rat neurons and astrocytes.


1IncuCyte® NeuroPrime Cell Kit

IncuCyte® red fluorescence image of NeuroPrime Cell Kit co-cultured rat forebrain neurons and rat astrocytes (20x). Neurons were labeled with NeuroLight Red 96h prior to image capture.

NeuroPrime Cell Kit Contents

  • 1 vial (0.45mL) NeuroLight Red Lentivirus reagent (synapsin promoter)
  • 1 vial (2 x 106 cells) NeuroPrime rNeurons (cryopreserved primary rat forebrain)
  • 1 vial (2 x 106 cells) NeuroPrime rAstrocytes (cryopreserved rat astrocytes)

Validated protocol for setting up a single 96-well co-culture assay.

The kit is intended for use on the IncuCyte® live-cell analysis system with the IncuCyte® NeuroTrack software module (9600-0010) installed.

Key Features

  • Cryopreserved vials of forebrain neurons and astrocytes isolated from early embryonic stage (E18) Sprague-Dawley rats (1x vial of each, 2 x 106 cells/vial)
  • IncuCyte® NeuroLight Red Lentivirus reagent, expressing the red fluorescent protein mKate2 under control of a synapsin promoter (1x vial, 0.45 mL)
  • Minimal expression of fluorescence in non-neuronal cell types
  • NeuroLight Red reagent is non-perturbing to neuronal biology
  • Validated protocol for optimal neuron labeling and assay performance
  • Ideal for studies of neurotoxicity or general biology of established neural networks

Example Data

Neuronal Co-Cultures - Fluorescence - Phase, Red and Segmentation

Example Images and Segmentation

Neurite outgrowth of primary rat forebrain neurons in co-culture with rat astrocytes measured using the NeuroPrime Cell Kit and NeuroTrack software module. Upper left : Primary rat forebrain neurons in co-culture were labeled with the NeuroLight Red lentivirus reagent and imaged seven days post plating at 20x. Upper right : Corresponding HD-phase contrast image.Lower left: Automated image segmentation of neurites (yellow). Lower right: Automated image segmentation of cell body clusters (blue).

Assay Performance Data

Lower left: Microplate view of neurite length changes over time for all wells in a 96 well plate. Lower right: Assay stability over multiple days; mean neurite length for one column (n=8) of control wells was measured at 288 hours for 13 plates run over a 5 month period. Solid line plots overall average neurite length and dashed lines plot +20% change from average value.

Microplate view of neurite length changes over time for all wells in a 96 well plate

Assay stability over multiple days

Technical Resources

Incucyte® Live Cell Analysis System

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IncuCyte® ImageLock Plates

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IncuCyte® NeuroTrack Software Module (Cat No 9600-0010)

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