IncuCyte® ImageLock Plates

96-Well microtiter plates (Cat No 4379) microtiter plates enable precise, scan to scan repeat imaging of the same field of view.

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The IncuCyte® ImageLock Plates when used in conjunction with IncuCyte® software, allow high-quality image registration for time-lapse imaging even in circumstances when the microplates are temporarily removed from the system.

The ImageLock® plate technology is enabled by fiducial markers on the bottom of the plate which provide points from which image locations can be accurately referenced. The marks are so fine that they do not interfere with images acquired at the cell plane. Since the mark moves with the plate, the technique works even if the plate is removed from the system and later replaced.

The technology enables a user to revisit and image the same cells at multiple time points and is especially useful for multi-day, long-term live-cell imaging applications.

IncuCyte® ImageLock Plates

IncuCyte® ImageLock Plates. Plates are individually packaged, sterile, TC –treated, in 96-well format.

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IncuCyte® 96-Well ImageLock Plates – Case of 50 Plates 50 Plates 4379

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IncuCyte® NeuroPrime Cell Kit (Cat No 4585)

The first commercially available cryopreserved neuronal/astrocyte co-culture kit designed for long term, kinetic live cell imaging and measurement of neurite dynamics. Each cell kit contains cryopreserved cell vials of rat forebrain neurons and rat astrocytes, and a vial of the non-perturbing neuronal labeling reagent, IncuCyte® NeuroLight Red. A fully validated protocol for thawing, labeling and measuring neurite outgrowth in a 96-well format using the IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System is also included.

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IncuCyte® Cell Migration Kit (Cat No 4493)

Comprises everything you need to run fully kinetic and automated 96-well cell migration (scratch wound) assays on IncuCyte: 96-pin woundmaking tool (WoundMaker™), Cell Migration analysis software module (Cat No 9600-0012) and starter batch of 96-well ImageLock Plates

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IncuCyte® Cell Invasion Accessories (Cat No 4444)

Purchased in addition to the IncuCyte® Cell Migration Kit. Enables cell invasion experiments with 3D biomatrices such as Matrigel and Collagen.

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IncuCyte® Scratch Wound Cell Migration Software Module (Cat No 9600-0012)

IncuCyte® software module to enable measurement of cell migration and/or invasion in scratch wound assays

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Cell Migration and Invasion in Scratch Wound Assays

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