Essen Pipeline Dispenser (Cat No 4354)

Essen Pipeline Dispenser is a fast, accurate automated dispenser of sterile solutions, that combines the advantages of a peristaltic pump with the convenience of a sterile consumable

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By combining the advantages of a peristaltic pump with the convenience of a sterile consumable, the Pipeline™ dispenser and associated Peripette™ consumable provide a fast, accurate and efficient solution for transfering sterile fluids such as cell culture media. Use of an optional footswitch frees up your hands and eliminates strenuous repetitive motion common with using traditional pipettes. Also, since the fluid delivery combines aspiration and dispense it is easily twice as fast as manual pipetting.

Most sterile fluid dispensing is done with familiar hand-operated pipette aids. While adequate for low-volume applications, hand-operated pipetting is tedious for large-scale cell culture due to the multiple aspirate, move and dispense steps. In addition, processes such as pipetting into angled T-flasks or removing/ inserting caps can be cumbersome, often requiring both hands and desiring a third. The Pipeline dispenser eliminates the tedious nature of these tasks. To operate, the user simply snaps in a sterile Peripette, lifts the pump head mechanism, inserts the source bottle and lowers the assembly. After setting the desired volume, the user places the destination container under the output spout and initiates the dispense. Pipeline then performs the fluid transfer in a one-step operation. This saves time and reduces the tiring, repetitive motions (aspirate, move and dispense) as required for hand pipetting. Additionally, the dispenser is ready to repeat the process, as many times as is needed, until the source bottle is empty.

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The Pipeline dispenser eliminates the tedious nature of hand-operated pipetting for large-scale cell culture. Three times as fast as manual pipetting. Reduces repetitive motion injuries. Improved precision and accuracy vs. manual pipetting.

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