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Analyze your cells for days, weeks or even months as they sit stationary in the stable environment of your tissue culture incubator.

Incucyte fast-tracks scientific discovery by combining lab-tested protocols and reagents with powerful, automated image acquisition and analysis. With Incucyte’s user-friendly interface and robust instrument portfolio, any cell biologist can gain dynamic insights into the health, morphology, movement and function of their cell models.


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Incucyte Systems

Select Science Platinum 2020  Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis Systems

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Derive deeper and more physiologically relevant information about your cells with real-time kinetic data.

Incucyte® SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System

Our newest and most advanced offering, supporting more applications and up to 5 fluorescence channels

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Incucyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System

Our workhorse, supports the workflow and workload of larger laboratories

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Incucyte® SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System

Our most budget-friendly offering, designed with smaller labs in mind

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Ask New Questions

  • Devise new experiments not previously possible.
  • Conduct routine monitoring and get answers to unique scientific questions with kinetic, image-based measurements.

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Improve Productivity

  • Enjoy walk-away convenience as images are automatically acquired and analyzed.
  • Multiplex measurements in 96- and 384-well assay formats.

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Protect Your Cells

  • Perform analysis without removing cells from the incubator or disturbing cultures.
  • Maintain cell health and morphology with non-perturbing reagents and illumination.

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Get New Answers

  • Never miss a data point with real-time continuous analysis
  • Profile cell type-specific and time-dependent biological activity
  • Visualize and validate results with images and movies

Cell Culture Workflow

Insight and Accuracy at Every Step

Whether you simply want to improve experimental outcomes with enhanced cell culture quality control, or study complex cell-cell interactions, the Incucyte can meet your needs. Seamlessly transition from one step in your workflow to the next with interchangeable trays to support tissue culture flasks, dishes, or multi-well plates.

Cell Culture Workflow

4th Edition! Live-Cell Analysis Handbook

A guide to real-time live-cell imaging & analysis

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Dimension of Time: from Culture to Assay

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Push the Boundaries of R&D

Incucyte’s suite of applications can help accelerate your next discovery. Generate new insights quickly with a system designed for a range of cell types- from proliferating tumor cells to non-adherent immune cells to sensitive primary cells. Incucyte’s design features a mobile optical train with uninterrupted incubation. Perform real-time cell monitoring and surveillance of cell health and viability, migration, and invasion, plus a wide range of phenotypic cell-based assays. With a rapidly growing collection of over 3,000 peer-reviewed articles, new applications using the Incucyte are being published continuously.

SX1 Research Areas

Research Areas

Incucyte accelerates discoveries in a range of research areas, including oncology, immunology, immuno-oncology, and neuroscience.

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SX1 Applications


Incucyte unlocks new insights with a wide range of applications examining cell health, cell function, cell movement, and much more.

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SX1 publications

Live Cell Insights Publications Newsletter

Keep up with the latest Incucyte® research by reading our summaries of new and notable research articles featuring the Incucyte.

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Around-the-Clock Analysis

With Incucyte’s powerful, automated workflow, research continues day and night.

1. Simple, flexible sample prep

  • Compatible with a wide range of applications and culture vessels
  • Maximize efficiency while reducing artifacts with Incucyte Reagents

2. Set up and walk away

  • Streamlined experimental set up
  • Remote, networked access

3. Acquire and view images over time

  • Fluorescence and HD phase imaging modes
  • Minimize cell disturbance with a mobile optical train

4. Analyze in real time

  • Efficient and reproducible image analysis
  • Powerful visualization of images and kinetic measurements

Supporting Products

Trusted by Researchers Who Need Results

Use Incucyte® Software, Reagents, Cell Lines, and Consumables with your live-cell analysis system to evaluate health, structure, and function with a single, flexible platform. Gain unprecedented access to phenotypic information while maintaining cell health with Incucyte Reagents that are non-perturbing to cell health, morphology and function.

Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis Portfolio

Incucyte Systems

Automatically acquire and analyze fluorescence and phase contrast images around the clock – inside your incubator. Interchangeable trays accommodate flasks, dishes, or multi-well plates.

Incucyte Reagents

All reagents are not created equally. Reduce time spent troubleshooting and spend more time investigating with Incucyte Reagents optimized for long-term kinetic experiments and Incucyte System optics.  Learn more

Incucyte Software

Purpose-built, application-specific software modules streamline image acquisition and analysis, empowering users at all levels to answer a range of scientific questions. Learn more

Incucyte Consumables

Incucyte consumables round out the product portfolio   Learn more

Incucyte Services

Get timely customer support from our experts, and worry-free service: Incucyte service warranty coverage can be extended at any time with a range of warranty products. 


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IncuCyte® Base Software

Incucyte software makes the process of acquiring, viewing, analyzing and sharing images of living cells easier than ever before

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Incucyte® Software (v2020C)

The new Incucyte® software update (v2020C) is now available for Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems, providing new and highly requested security and image processing features.

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Incucyte® Chemotaxis Analysis Software Module (Cat No 9600-0015)

An add-on software module for the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System. Analyze label-free and fluorescently-labelled chemotactic cell migration images acquired using the ClearView Cell Migration Plate.

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Incucyte® Neurotrack Analysis Software Module (Cat. No. 9600-0010)

Incucyte® software module to enable measurement of neurite dynamics

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Incucyte® Software (v2019B)

The Incucyte® Software update (v2019B) is now available for Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems, providing highly requested features.

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Incucyte® Software (v2019A)

The Incucyte® Software update (V2019A) is now available for the Incucyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System to provide you with new features that have been highly requested by our users plus the ability to classify adherent cell populations with our Cell-by-Cell Analysis Software Module.

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Incucyte® S3 Software (v2018A)

The Incucyte® S3 Software update (V2018A) is available for the Incucyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System to provide you with new features that have been highly requested by our users plus more versatility when using the Spheroid Software Module to acquire and analyze images of three-dimensional tumor spheroids.

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IncuCyte® ClearView 96-well Chemotaxis Plate

Each well of a ClearView plate provides an optically clear surface for label-free imaging and analysis of chemotactic cell migration using the IncuCyte® Live-Cell analysis system.

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IncuCyte® NeuroPrime Cell Kit (Cat No 4585)

A complete solution for performing kinetic, live-cell imaging of 96-well co-culture assays utilizing primary rat neurons and astrocytes. Supplied as 1 vial (0.45mL) NeuroLight Red Lentiviral Reagent (synapsin promoter), 1 vial (2 x 10^6 cells) IncuCyte® rCortical Neurons (cryopreserved rat cortical neurons), 1 vial (2 x 10^6 cells) IncuCyte® rAstrocytes (cryopreserved rat astrocytes)

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Incucyte® Extended Warranty & Software Updates

Incucyte® Extended Service Warranty Includes 1 year coverage of all Parts, Labor and base software updates (excluding new modules)

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IncuCyte® Fluorescence Calibration Standards Kit (Cat No 4515)

The fluorescence calibration kit is used to calibrate IncuCyte ZOOM® systems which have fluorescence capability. The kit contains reagent sufficient for multiple calibrations as well as three calibration slides. The calibration slides are disposable and should be used only once. It is recommended that the instrument is recalibrated twice a year.

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Incucyte® Incustore

Ideal if you use your Incucyte intensively as it keeps data on-line and at your fingertips for longer. The RAID 6 configuration of 8 x 6TB hard disks protects all data.

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Intellicyt iQue3

Faster, Smarter Flow Cytometry

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IncuCyte® Cell Cycle Lentivirus Reagent (EF1α-Puro) – 0.2mL (Cat. No. 4779)

The IncuCyte® Cell Cycle Lentivirus Reagent is a fluorescent, single cassette indicator expressing both the GFP (green fluorescent protein) and mKate2 (red fluorescent protein) to distinguish between cells in the G1 and S/G2/M cell cycle phase without altering cell function. This reagent is ideal for generating stable cell populations or clones using puromycin selection. The IncuCyte Cell Cycle Lentivirus Reagent has been validated for use with the IncuCyte® Live-cell Analysis System for the real-time, integrated analysis pf spatial and temporal patterns of cell cycle dynamics. Cell-cycle analysis can be multiplexed with label-free cell counts using the IncuCyte® Cell-by-Cell Analysis Software Module for quantification of the total cell population to determine percentage of cells within each cell cycle phase.

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