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Incucyte® SX5 Live-Cell Analysis System

Our newest and most advanced offering, supporting more applications and up to 5 fluorescence channels

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Incucyte® S3 Live-Cell Analysis System

Our workhorse, supports the workflow and workload of larger laboratories

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Incucyte® SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System

Our most budget-friendly offering, designed with smaller labs in mind

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Compatible Instrument
SX5 S3 SX1
Cell Health And Proliferation
Label-free Cell Counting*
Cell Counting with Flourescent label
Single Spheroid*
Cell Cycle^
ATP Metabolism*    
Mitochondrial Membrane Potential*    
SX5 S3 SX1
Cell Function
Immune Cell Killing^
Antibody Internalization^
Neuronal Activity*    
Live-Cell Immunocytochemistry^
SX5 S3 SX1
Cell Movement & Morphology
Scratch Wound*
Immune Cell Clustering & Proliferation^
Neurite Outgrowth
SX5 S3 SX1
Cell Culture Workflows
Cell Culture QC
Dilution Cloning
Whole Well
Reporter Genes^
Stem Cell Monitoring & Reprogramming
Transfection Efficiency^

*Requires software module

^Additional software available for enhanced analysis


SX5 S3 SX1
Capacity & Vesselware Compatibility
Interchangeable Trays 3 3 1
Microplate Capacity 6 6 2
Microplate Compatibility
6, 12, 24, 48, 96, & 384 well (1)
Flask Compatibility
T-25, T-50, T-75, T-100, T-175, T-225 (2)
Other Labware Compatibility
35mm, 60mm, 100mm, 150mm dishes, and chamber slides (2)

(1) 3 microplate trays included for SX5 and S3. Purchase separately for SX1.

(2) Trays available for purchase separately. See our latest vessel compatibility list for full details.

SX5 S3 SX1
Optical System
Total Fluorescence Channels Up to 5 2 2
-Green/Orange/NIR Optical Module included N/A N/A
-Green/Red Optical Module optional included included
-Metabolism Optical Module optional N/A N/A
Label-Free, HD Phase Imaging
4x, 10x, 20x included
4x, 10x, or 20x purchase separately
Objective Automation
Automated turret
Manual setting in software to switch
SX5 S3 SX1
Multi-user Support
Remote Network Capability
Unlimited, free user licenses
Independent Vessel Scheduling N/A
Multi-objective Scheduling N/A
SX5 S3 SX1
All systems leverage the stable incubation of a tissue culture incubator
Incubator Size >200 L required >200 L recommended >200 L recommended
Incubation to 42°C
SX5 S3 SX1
Computing and Storage
Operating System
64-bit Windows 10
Controller Data Storage 27.3 TB 16.4 TB 16.4 TB
Expandable RAID Storage
Add an additional 32.7 TB of storage with Incustore
Controller Memory 64 GB 48 GB 48 GB
SX5 S3 SX1
Software Module Compatibility (3)
Incucyte® Cell-by-Cell
Incucyte® Spheroid
Incucyte® Cell Migration
Incucyte® Chemotaxis
Incucyte® Neurotrack
Incucyte® Neuronal Activity
Incucyte® Angiogenesis
Incucyte® ATP Analysis NEW

(3) All software modules sold separately.

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