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Scratch Wound Cell Migration

What is Immune Cell Migration?

Cell migration is a fundamental component of many biological processes including embryonic development, tissue re-organization, angiogenesis and cancer metastasis.

What is our solution?

Monitor and measure cell migration across coated or uncoated surfaces in real time using the IncuCyte™ scratch wound assay and the Cell Migration Kit (Cat No 4493).

What it offers

  • Automatically image and quantify movement of label free, or labelled, cells into the wound area in real time.
  • Validated with a wide range of adherent primary, immortalized and tumor cell types.
  • Assess the effect of treatments on full time course migration profiles.

Learn more about Immune Cell Killing

Scratch Wound Cell Invasion

What is Immune Cell Invasion?

Cell invasion is the movement of cells through a three-dimensional extracellular matrix and is essential in normal cells, such as inflammatory response of leukocytes, as well as tumor metastasis.

What is our solution?

Image and quantify cell invasion through 3D bio matrix gels in real time using the IncuCyte™ scratch wound assays, Cell Migration Kit (Cat No 4493) and Cell Invasion Accessories (Cat No 4444).

What it offers

  • Real time imaging and quantification of cell invasion through 3D bio matrix gels (e.g. Matrigel™).
  • Assess metastatic potential and define the effect of treatments on invasive phenotype.
  • Explore differential biology of cell migration and invasion in the same plate.

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Publication Updates from the IncuCyte™ Community

Nearly 600 peer reviewed publications in research areas including:

Research area Publications
Oncology 405
Cardiovascular 24
Developmental biology 26
Immunology 13
Infectious diseases 18
Inflammation 9
Metabolism 25
Neuroscience 35
Regenerative medicine 38
Toxicology 11

Publications may appear in more than one research category.


1. MYC Is a Major Determinant of Mitotic Cell Fate. Topham, C, Tighe, A, Ly, P, Bennett, A, Sloss, O, Nelson, L, Ridgway, RA, Huels, D, Littler, S, Schandl, C, Sun, Y, Bechi, B, Procter, DJ, Sansom, OJ, Cleveland, DW, Taylor, SS. Cancer Cell 28, 129–140 (2015).

Inhibition of the oncogenic transcription factor Myc attenuates apoptosis in response to a panel eight antimitotic agents across a range of colon, lung, cervical, breast and ovarian cancer cell lines.

2. Heat-shock factor 2 is a suppressor of prostate cancer invasion. Björk, JK, Ĺkerfelt, M, Joutsen, J, Puustinen, MC, Cheng, F, Sistonen, L, Nees, M. Oncogene 1–15 (2015).

siRNA mediated knockdown of HSF2 promotes prostate cancer 3D organoid invasion.

3. Latent KSHV Infected Endothelial Cells Are Glutamine Addicted and Require Glutaminolysis for Survival. Sanchez, EL, Carroll, PA, Thalhofer, AB, Lagunoff, M. PLOS Pathog. 11, e1005052 (2015).

A novel metabolic signature reveals a therapeutic target in Kaposi’s Sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus infected endothelial cells.

Publications Map

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What is the recommended method to keep microplates and matrix materials cold during cell invasion assays?

We recommend using a CoolBox system (Cat. No. 4444) which provides a consistent temperature of 4-8°C for hours. CoolBox units are insulated boxes that hold a cold pack and either a microplate insert (CoolSink) or micro centrifuge rack (CoolRack), ensuring that the temperature across the invasion microplate is evenly maintained, thus reducing edge effects, and preventing matrix materials from polymerizing.

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Q: The edges of the wells seem a little out of focus using my 4X objective, is there anything I can do to improve the focus?

A: Visual edge effects can be eliminated by increasing the total media volume in each well (e.g. increasing well volume of a 96-well plate to 200 µL). The IncuCyte ZOOM® instrument will correctly quantify assay metrics regardless of volume. However, increasing the total media will improve image quality.

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