Essen BioScience Launches IncuCyte™ 96-Well Kinetic Angiogenesis Assay

Essen BioScience Inc., a global provider of life science research tools and discovery services, today announced the launch of its IncuCyte™ 96-well, Kinetic Angiogenesis Assay.The IncuCyte™ 96-well Angiogenesis Assay extends the throughput and reduces the compound requirements of the previously offered 24-well assay. The assay is a human, primary cell, co-culture model that encapsulates all phases of the angiogenesis process including cell proliferation, migration and differentiation. This combined with the kinetic read-out allows researchers for the first time to follow the process of in vitro angiogenesis over time with very high precision. The assay is ideal for mechanism studies involving complex signaling pathways, pro or anti-angiogenic responses as well as studies involving vascular disruption. The IncuCyte™ 96-well Angiogenesis Assay is run on the Essen IncuCyte™, a compact automated microscope that resides inside a standard tissue culture incubator. This means the cells remain the in the incubator-controlled environment for the duration of the experiment. The IncuCyte™ software automates the data collection process and also provides the subsequent quantitative analysis. Kirk Schroeder, President of Essen BioScience commented on the release "We are very proud of this assay which has combined our engineering, assay development and cell biology experience to make a more biologically relevant, higher-throughput, and more precise in vitro assay for angiogenesis". The assay is offered as either a live-cell kit shipped to a customer site or can be run as a fee-for-service at Essen's Michigan USA, or UK research sites. See more.

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