Revolutionary Insight into Cancer Hallmarks with Real-Time Live-Cell Analysis

Each of the seven hallmarks of cancer is individually well defined. In order to gain more context around their biological relationships, new models are explored, that allow us to holistically examine the interactions of these hallmarks.

This whitepaper documents how Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis Systems, continue to play a central role in the elucidation of cancer biology, as well as providing more effective and relevant ways of evaluating potential therapeutics.

Included are summaries of the protocols used to elucidate the seven hallmarks of cancer:

  • Selective proliferative advantage
  • Altered stress response
  • Vascularization
  • Invasion and metastasis
  • Metabolic rewiring
  • Immune modulation
  • An abetting microenvironment

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White Paper: Accelerating Discoveries for Viral Biology and Host Immunity with Advanced Cell Analysis Solutions

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