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Technologies and Solutions for the Development of Novel Biopharmaceuticals: from Molecule Identification to Cell Line Development

ELRIG Drug Discovery 2020 Workshop

Numerous tools currently exist to facilitate the identification of potential candidate molecules, which are to be selected for further preclinical testing. However, high subsequent clinical attrition rates are commonplace due to the poor efficacy and safety of many such molecules. 

Innovative new tools and technologies are therefore required to aid early stage decision-making, in order to identify the best performing candidates to ensure low subsequent clinical study failure rates.

This presentation focuses on recent advances in the field of live-cell imaging and analysis, high-throughput screening, and biomolecular interaction analysis in order to derive a deeper understanding of critical biological functions and drug effects.

These powerful tools provide new insights to ensure that the most appropriate candidate molecule is identified, using physiologically relevant methods and the fastest path to actionable results, during the complex drug development process.


Dr Helge Schnerr, Senior Marketing Manager EMEA, FortéBio (A Sartorius Brand)

Dr Matthew Tomlinson, BioA FAS Manager, EMEA, Sartorius

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