Immunological Insights with Live-Cell Imaging and Analysis

The field of immunology is entering a new and exciting era, producing a wealth of recent discoveries that expand our understanding of health and disease. This is made possible through the integration and development of new technologies, use of mathematical modeling, and refinement of big-data analysis. Immunotherapies such as CAR-T, CAR-NK, checkpoint inhibition, and cancer vaccines are providing new individualized cancer treatment regimens, often with striking results. Personalized medicine continues to evolve through advances in single cell genomics to identify unique, individual heterogeneity and guide therapy. With the introduction of CRISPR technology, genomic DNA sequences can now be identified and edited, enabling the development of regenerative medicine research and enhanced diagnostics.

This review will highlight new immunological insights that were revealed using integrated approaches and the incorporation of real-time, live-cell imaging with the IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System.

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Chimeric Antigen Receptor

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