Application Note:

Validation of real-time, live-cell assays for 3D multi-spheroids formed on bio-matrices

The use of multi-cell tumor spheroids as a model for oncology research has rapidly expanded due to a greater appreciation for the influence of the tumor microenvironment, as well as spatial interactions between cells. 3D microtissues and organoids may provide more physiologically relevant observations as compared to 2D monolayer cell models, where cells are grown on non-biological surfaces under hyper-nourished conditions that may confound drug efficacy or metabolic studies.1, 2 As 3D spheroid protocols become more accessible, the experimental models have become more complex with greater translational potential, often incorporating additional elements that better replicate the heterogeneity of the cellular microenvironment.

This application note describes the use of the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis system and Incucyte® 3D Multi-Tumor Spheroid Assays to study the growth of 3D spheroids label-free or with non-perturbing reagents in real time, capturing data that may be missed by single time point methods.

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