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Novel trends in immuno-oncology research: Advanced cell analysis for immunotherapeutic applications

Knowing how to support the immune system’s fight and the optimal strategy for targeting cancer cells requires a deep understanding of the interaction of multiple cell types and the relationships between them. The complexity of these interconnections makes their study and characterization incredibly difficult. But that hasn’t stopped researchers from pursuing these questions, making immuno-oncology one of the hottest fields in life sciences. Great strides and numerous breakthroughs have been made in the two past decades, and there is much optimism that immune-based therapies currently being developed will revolutionize cancer treatment. As tools improve, especially those that can track immune cell interactions, there will no doubt be further improvements in cancer medicine.

This supplement introduces the latest groundbreaking research in immuno-oncology and provides a peek into some of the latest cell analysis tools that are unlocking the secret to immune cell interactions, potentially enabling future breakthroughs in immune-based therapies.

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