IncuCyte® Chemotaxis Protocols

Protocols for chemotaxis cell migration, invasion, and TEM

IncuCyte® Chemotaxis Migration Protocols

IncuCyte® Chemotaxis Invasion Protocols

IncuCyte® Chemotaxis Transendothelial Migration (TEM) Protocols

Measure Chemotactic Migration, Invasion and Transendothelial Migration in Real Time

Use the IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System to study chemotactic cell migration across 2D substrates and directional cell invasion through 3D biomatrix gels.

  • Visualize chemotaxis in real time with fully automated analysis
  • Use the ClearView chemotaxis plate for highly reproducible 96-well kinetic assays
  • Low cell usage ideal for rare, expensive and primary cell populations
  • Chemotactic gradients are stable and maintained over 72 hours

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