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IncuCyte® Applications

Neuronal Cell Health Assays

Real-time neuronal cell viability and neurite outgrowth analysis inside your incubator

Measurements of neurite outgrowth and cell viability are central to the study of drug candidates, culture conditions and the impact of environmental factors on neuronal cell health and function. Both neurite outgrowth and viability assays are routinely used in drug discovery screens and may be used to identify treatments that elicit neuroprotective effects but do not induce neurotoxicity.

IncuCyte® Neuronal Cell Health Assays enable automated, real-time multiplexed analysis of neurite dynamics and cell viability. Combine label-free readouts with non-perturbing live-cell reagents to simultaneously distinguish treatments that affect one or more aspects of neuronal cell health.

  • Rank compounds in drug discovery screens
  • Investigate the cellular changes that underlie neurodegeneration and neuronal injury
  • Assess factors affecting neural stem cell differentiation
Neurite Analysis

Neurite Analysis

Measure neurite dynamics automatically and in real-time in neuronal monocultures and co-cultures with astrocytes.

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Cytotoxicity Assays

Cytotoxicity Assays

Real time measurements of cell viability using simple mix-and-read protocols suitable for screening

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Apoptosis Assays

Apoptosis Assays

Detect apoptosis in living cells and in real time using simple mix-and-read protocols

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Get the answers you need

Get the answers you need

  • Never miss a data point with real-time continuous analysis
  • Robust, reproducible assay formats suitable for screening and profiling
Save time and effort

Save time and effort

  • Set up, walk away and receive unbiased, automated analyses
  • Run experiments in six 96- or 384-well plates at one time
Protect your cells

Protect your cells

  • Analyze stationary cultures within the stable incubator environment – ideal for long-term studies over days or weeks
  • Maintain optimal culture conditions with label-free analysis options and non-perturbing reagent formulations
Ask more questions

Ask more questions

  • Compatible with a wide range of neurons (primary, stem cell-derived, cell lines) in monoculture or in co-culture with astrocytes
  • Multiplex neurite outgrowth analysis with cell health reagents for additional insight

Automated, Long-term Neurite Analysis

  • Visualize and analyze long-term changes in neurite length and branch points with the IncuCyte® live-cell analysis system and NeuroTrack™ software.
  • Study label-free monocultures, or use IncuCyte® NeuroLight™ reagents or NeuroPrime™ Cell Kits for selective analysis of neurite dynamics in co-cultures.

1. Label-free analysis of neurons
in monoculture

Monitor neurite outgrowth in live neuronal monocultures using IncuCyte® NeuroTrack™ analysis software. Fully automated, long-term label-free analysis.

Human iPSC-derived neurons (iCell Neurons, CDI) in monoculture.

Human iPSC-derived neurons (iCell Neurons, CDI) in monoculture.

2. Fluorescence analysis of neurons in co-culture with astrocytes

Measure changes in neurite length and branch points in mixed cultures of neurons and astrocytes using fluorescent neuronal labelling reagents and IncuCyte® analysis software.

Primary rat forebrain neurons labeled with the NeuroLight Red reagent in co-culture with rat astrocytes

Primary rat forebrain neurons labeled with the NeuroLight™ Red reagent in co-culture with rat astrocytes.

Visualize and quantify cell viability in real time — multiplex with neurite analysis

  • IncuCyte® mix-and-read reagents for continuous monitoring of cytotoxicity and apoptosis in neuronal cultures
  • Simultaneous measurements of neurite outgrowth and neuronal cell health

IncuCyte® Cytotox and Annexin V reagents

IncuCyte® Cytotox and Annexin V reagents

Use IncuCyte® Cytotox and Annexin V reagents to positively mark and quantify apoptotic or cytotoxic cells. (Left) IncuCyte® Cytotox Red reagent labels dead rat forebrain neurons treated with 333 μM glutamate. (Right) IncuCyte® Annexin V Green reagent identifies apoptotic cells in a rat forebrain neuron and astrocyte co-culture in the presence and absence of 300 μM glutamate. Neurons are selectively labeled with the IncuCyte® NeuroLight™ Red reagent. Multiplexed measurements of cell viability and neurite dynamics can be made in real time.

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