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Measure Phagocytosis in Real Time

The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System enables real-time, automated phagocytosis assays within your cell culture incubator.

  • Visualize and quantify phagocytosis using time-lapse imaging
  • Automated analysis over the entire assay time course
  • Simple mix and read 96/384-well protocols, no washing, no fixing, no lifting
  • Highly sensitive measurements, low background and low cell numbers

Measuring Phagocytosis of Cells with IncuCyte® Phagocytosis Assay

Measuring Phagocytosis of Cells with Incucyte® Phagocytosis Assay

  • Automatically quantify the phagocytosis of cells in real time
  • Investigate efferocytosis and antibody mediated cellular phagocytosis (e.g., anti-CD47 / ADCP)
  • Compatible with your choice of target cells labeled with the pHrodo® Cell Labeling Kit for Incucyte® 

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Measuring Phagocytosis of Bioparticles® with IncuCyte Phagocytosis Assay

Measuring Phagocytosis of Bioparticles® with Incucyte® Phagocytosis Assay

  • Monitor and measure uptake of bacteria or yeast pHrodo® Bioparticles® for Incucyte®
  • Validate phagocytosis with images and movies
  • Study the effect of treatments on full time course phagocytosis profiles

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4th Edition! Live-Cell Analysis Handbook

A guide to real-time live-cell imaging & analysis

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Application Note:

Gain additional insights into the mechanism of immune cell killing by combining live cell analysis and flow cytometry into a single workflow

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Incucyte® Phagocytosis Assays vs. Other Common Approaches

Common methods used to assess phagocytosis are often single point (e.g. High Content Analysis (HCA)), require cell lifting (e.g. flow cytometry) or washing/quenching of the labelled pathogen (e.g. fluorescein labelled).

Incucyte® Plate reader Flow cytometry HCA ELISA
Real-time cell visualization
Integrated analysis
Mix-and-read, no wash or quench
Long-term kinetic measurements
Flexible choice of effector cells
No fixation/lifting
High sensitivity/low background
Low cell number/bioparticle number
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