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Kinetically measure vascular tube formation using our fully integrated solution and advanced cell models

4th Edition! Live-Cell Analysis Handbook

A guide to real-time live-cell imaging & analysis

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Application Note:

Gain additional insights into the mechanism of immune cell killing by combining live cell analysis and flow cytometry into a single workflow

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Key features

Ready to Use Cell Models

PrimeKit - A cryopreserved 96-well human co-culture assay kit containing HUVECs + human dermal fibroblasts.

Fully kinetic readout

Follow tube formation in real time for up to 2 weeks via fluorescent quantification of GFP-labelled endothelial cells

Automated image acquisition and processing

Acquire and analyze images using fully integrated Angiogenesis software module. Visualize kinetic plots in microplate views. Export metrics (tube length, tube area, branch points) to calculate EC50/IC50 values

Quantify tube formation and disruption

Study the inhibition of tube formation and/or investigate treatment effects on established networks. Quantify pro- and anti-angiogenic treatments

Example data

Example data

Concentration dependent vascular tube formation induced by Vasoactive Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in PrimeKit HUVEC and human dermal fibroblast co-culture model. Upper left: Full time-course of VEGF induced vascular tube formation. Upper right: Microplate view to show 96-well assay layout and on plate consistency. VEGF was added at 60h. Abscissa: time (h), ordinate: tube length (mm/mm2). Lower left: Area under curve analysis of time-course data. Concentration-response curves (based on peak tube length) for VEGF and Avastin inhibition of VEGF (4 ng/ml) induced tube formation by Avastin (based on peak tube length). Lower right: Example image of VEGF (4 ng/ml) induced vascular structures.

Full time-course of VEGF induced vascular tube formation

Microplate view to show 96-well assay layout and on plate consistency

Area under curve analysis of time-course data

Example image of VEGF

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Technical Resources

Technical Resources

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