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Video: IncuCyte Poster Snapshots | Quantitative Live-Cell Imaging Assays for Immunotherapy

Blog Video Poster Snapshot

Poster: Quantitative live-cell imaging assays for immunotherapy: chemotaxis, immune cell killing & phagocytosis

G. Lovell, N. Bevan, C. Szybut, N. Rodinova, D. Appledorn, M. Tikhonenko, L. O’Clair, T. O’Callaghan, T. Dale & D. Trezise. Essen BioScience R&D, Welwyn Garden City, UK & Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Presented at CIMT 2016, Germany

Summary & impact:

  • For the body to defend and fight against cancer, immune cells must recognise, engage, destroy and ultimately remove unwanted tumour cells. Understanding
  • these processes and interactions at the cellular level is central to identifying and validating new drug targets and cellular therapy approaches.
  • Essen BioScience offers a flexible range of phenotypic assays to explore all aspects of the immuno-oncology research area. All of these assays are based on noninvasive live-cell analysis of cells in 96-well micro-plates using an IncuCyte® ZOOM live cell analysis system.
  • Here we describe a cluster of new assays for quantifying immune cell biology and interactions with tumour cells.
  • Phase-contrast/fluorescence images from cells gathered over time are processed to measure phenotypes, such as immune cell proliferation, migration & death.
  • Experiments are performed with low cell numbers using simple mix and read formats which are non-perturbing to the cell model.
  • Each of these approaches provide a full time-course of the biology; images and time-lapse movies provide credibility and valuable biological insight. Added throughput and automated image analysis enhances productivity.

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