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Video: Characterization of (BiTE) Antibody-mediated Cell Killing

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Gain greater insight into the complicated biology of immune-cell killing with a combination of live-cell imaging and advanced flow cytometry.

An understanding of how immune cells affect tumor cells, is needed in developing the next new immunotherapy. By coupling advanced flow cytometry and live-cell analysis workflows, a deep understanding of the biological mechanisms of immune cell activation and tumor cell killing, may be obtained.

This video brings to life a poster, showing the insights gained when combining the analytical powers of Sartorius’ iQue® advanced flow cytometry and Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis platforms. Results from an experiment characterizing the immune cell killing induced by an α-hCD3xCD19 BiTE antibody using a combined analytical approach, are highlighted.

  • The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System allows dynamic analysis of immune cell killing through the capture of phase and fluorescent images and quantification of segmented objects
  • The iQue® 3 advanced flow cytometry platform enables cytokine profiling and immune cell activation status through T-cell activation markers.

Watch the video explanation of the poster:

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