Immune Cell Killing, Multi-Spheroids

Immune Cell Killing

It is captivating to observe how Herceptin alone, or peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) alone, have little or no effect on multi-spheroid size or viability (fluorescence intensity) of SKOV-3 multi-spheroid proliferations.  Whereas Herceptin activated PBMCs so effectively kill SKOV-3 multi-spheroid proliferations, note here the loss of fluorescence intensity in SKOV3 multi-spheroids.  These stunning bright-field and fluorescence images were collected continuously without interruption, over a 10 day interval.

HER2-positive SKOV-3 cells (stably expressing nuclear restricted RFP) were seeded in flat bottom 96-well plates (1,000 cells/well on a bed of Matrigel™).  Multi-spheroids were allowed to form (3 days) prior to addition of freshly isolated PBMCs (E:T, 5:1) and/or Herceptin.


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