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The Effects of Temperature and Atmospheric Perturbation During Cell Culture: The Silent Variables

The environmental confines of a laboratory incubator provide a controlled temperature and level of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2), in an attempt to replicate the cells’ native conditions; for mammalian cell culture, this mimics a cell’s environs in the host’s body – no small feat! This includes an aseptic environment with a specific atmospheric mix, maintained within a tightly controlled temperature and humidity range...

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immuno-oncology article

In Vitro Assays for Immuno-Oncology Research

In the search for precision cancer treatments, researchers are developing new techniques and technologies that harness the body's natural defenses to target and eradicate cancer cells. The transformative research leading to these new methods are thanks to dedicated immuno-oncology scientists who are interrogating the subtle and, oftentimes, hidden interactions between cancer and the host’s immune system...

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