Additional hardware, software and customer support options to help unlock the power of IncuCyte ZOOM®. Simply filter by category to review optional extras for data expansion, storage & archiving, analysis modules, accessory kits, objectives and warranties.

IncuCyte ZOOM® and IncuCyte™ FLR Fluorescence Calibration Standards Kit (Cat No 4515)

The fluorescence calibration kit is used to calibrate IncuCyte ZOOM® systems which have a dual fluorescence filter module installed and IncuCyte™ FLR systems. The kit contains reagent sufficient for multiple calibrations as well as three calibration slides. The calibration slides are disposable and should be used only once. It is recommended that the instrument is recalibrated twice a year.

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Peripette™ (Cat Nos 4351 & 4352)

Sterile, non-pyrogenic, peristaltic pipettes for use with Essen Pipeline Dispenser

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IncuCyte ZOOM® IOQ

The IncuCyte ZOOM® Installation/Operation Qualification (IOQ) provides formal documented evidence that the specified IncuCyte ZOOM® has been installed and operates per the manufacturer’s requirements

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Pipeline™ (Cat No 4354)

Essen Pipeline Dispenser is a fast, accurate automated dispenser of sterile solutions, that combines the advantages of a peristaltic pump with the convenience of a sterile consumable

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IncuCyte ZOOM® 4X Objective (Cat No 4466)

4x Microscope Objective for IncuCyte ZOOM®. Required for wide area whole well viewing

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IncuCyte ZOOM® 20X Objective (Cat No 4465)

20x Microscope Objective for IncuCyte ZOOM®. Required for high spatial resolution cell imaging

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IncuCyte ZOOM® 10X Objective (Cat No 4464)

10x Microscope Objective for IncuCyte ZOOM®

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IncuCyte ZOOM® Archive Drive (Cat No 4523)

Archive Drive for IncuCyte ZOOM®. A specially optimized portable hard drive for use with IncuCyte ZOOM® - the fastest way to create, access and share archives between institutions.

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IncuCyte ZOOM® Rack System (Cat No 4558)

Rack mounting system specially designed for IncuCyte ZOOM®. A convenient and ultra space-friendly housing to protect and organize your IncuCyte ZOOM® system controllers and peripherals.

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IncuStore (Cat No 4535)

Expansion data storage for IncuCyte ZOOM®. The RAID array unit plugs directly into your existing IncuCyte ZOOM® controller and expands total storage to 30TB.

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