Webinar: Real-time Live-Cell Analysis for Immunologists
28 Mar 2017

The most common in vitro methods for immunologists to analyze cells of the immune system are flow cytometry, PCR and various forms of ELISA. Together, these enable quantification of different cell populations at the molecular and functional level (‘immuno-phenotyping’) and measurement of immune responses, for example, cytokine release. While these platforms are extremely powerful, they provide little insight into morphology and the spatial interactions of cells. Moreover, as ‘end-point’ measures, they are not well suited to report on the dynamic changes in biology over time.

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Long-Term Live Cell Imaging for High-Content Applications
2 Nov 2016

Learn long-term live cell imaging for high-content applications & learn about the new developments in image acquisition that combine live cell incubation and imaging with high-content screening approaches.

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Webinar: Smart Cell Assays for Immuno-Oncology
28 Jun 2016

Learn how live-cell analysis provides an enabling toolkit of assays and reagents for studying the interplay between cancer and immune cells, in real-time

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Going out with a bang: The pathways of necroptotic cell death
4 Dec 2014

Register now for the Essen-sponsored webinar "Going out with a bang: The pathways of necroptotic cell death" by Andrew Oberst, PhD, Assistant Professor in the Department of Immunology at University of Washington, Seattle.

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Neurotrack Webinar
21 Nov 2013

NeuroTrack: Label-Free, Fully Kinetic Neurite Outgrowth Assays in Human iPS-Derived Neurons (November, 2013). Presented by Dr. Del Trezise - Director & Site Head, Essen BioScience Ltd. UK

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3D Spheroids Webinar
30 Oct 2013

Simplifying 3D Tumour Spheroid Growth & Shrinkage Assays Using Live Content Imaging (October, 2013). Presented by Kalpana Patel - Senior Research Scientist, Essen BioScience Ltd. UK and Dr. Mark Rothenberg - Applications Manager, Corning, Inc.

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Stem Cell Reprogramming Webinar
3 Oct 2013

A New Approach to Stem Cell Research: Kinetic Whole Well Imaging (October, 2013). Presented by Meagan Roddy - Applications Scientist, Essen BioScience Inc. USA

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Cell Migration & Invasion Webinar
1 Jul 2013

Probing the Biology of Cell Migration and Invasion Using Phenotypic Live Cell Imaging (July, 2013). Presented by Tim O'Callaghan - IncuCyte Applications Specialist, Essen BioScience Ltd. UK

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Angiogenesis Webinar
1 Jun 2013

Attacking Pathologic Angiogenesis: Two Human Approaches to Investigating Angiogenesis In Vitro - Dr. Dyke McEwen - Principle Scientist, Essen BioScience Inc. Michigan

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Ion Channels & Analgesia Webinar
1 May 2013

An Introduction to Next Generation Pain Therapeutics: Executing Targets for Drug Discovery (May, 2013). Presented by Dr. Vince Groppi - Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Essen BioScience Inc. USA

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