IncuCyte® Reagents and Consumables
– Validated for the IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis System

Get the most out of your IncuCyte® Instrument!

IncuCyte® reagents and consumables are optimized for the IncuCyte® instrument, allowing researchers to run a wide range of assays and evaluate a wide variety of cellular processes in real time, which is not possible using single-point and end-point measurements.

From routine measurements of cell health & viability to advanced applications such as chemotaxis, cell migration & invasion and phagocytosis, IncuCyte® reagents allow you to multiplex with a mix-and-read approach and reduce hands-on time.

Most Popular Reagents and Consumables

Apoptosis Assays

Detect apoptosis in living cells and in real time using simple mix-and-read protocols

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Cytotoxicity Assays

Real time measurements of cell viability using simple mix-and-read protocols suitable for screening

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cell proliferation

Proliferation Assays

Measure label-free cell growth or growth inhibition and count living cells in real time

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IncuCyte® ImageLock Plates

96-Well microtiter plates enable precise, scan to scan repeat imaging of the same field of view.

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See IncuCyte® publications

Researchers from around the world are constantly adding to the list of scientific publications that illustrate how IncuCyte® is driving new discovery. Explore the many and varied proven applications of IncuCyte® live-cell imaging via our fully searchable manuscript library.

Learn about IncuCyte® applications

See how IncuCyte® Live-Cell Analysis is applied to cell monitoring and surveillance, cell health/viability measurements, and advanced phenotypic assays.

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